James A. Simon, M.D.

James A. Simon Urologist Colorado Springs

Dr. Simon blends the art of patient care with modern and advanced practices emphasizing the importance of the doctor patient relationship. Dr. Simon considers it a privilege to take care of people and he strongly believes that the process of healing and recovery is not just physical but emotional and spiritual.

The art of medicine as it used to be, the practice of medicine as it should be.

Dr. Simon will work with our patients and their families through the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment process. When Dr. Simon came to Colorado Springs seventeen years ago, he performed the first Laparoscopic Nephrectomy in the Rocky Mountains. He trained directly under Dr. Ralph Clayman who pioneered Urologic Laparoscopy. He also trained under William Catalona who pioneered the nerve sparing Radical Prostatectomy for Prostate Cancer. Dr. Simon Has been involved in over 2500 Radical Prostectomies for Prostate Cancer. He continues to advance laparoscopic care in the region by performing Robotic Supra Pubic Prostatectomies, Partial Nephrectomies, Robotic Cystectomies and Intra Corporeal Illeal Conduits, Ureteral Reimplantations, Partial Cystectomies and Adrenalectomies. He has an interest in Urinary Tract Reconstruction and Diversion.

The Latin root for doctor is teacher. Dr. Simon strongly believes in educating his patients about their diagnosis, treatment process and recovery.

Dr. Simon believes that collaborative care and communication with primary care physicians, oncologists and other specialists is vital to the healing process and provides excellent continuity of care for the patient.

The Advanced Urological Care team believes that we all have an important role toward understanding and alleviating the patient’s problems. Our practice seeks to maintain a high level of professionalism and compassion for the patient and their family.

Dr. Simon was born in Decatur, IL. He has been in practice since 2000, recently starting his own Urological practice. When he is not working with patients he enjoys spending time with his wife, Emilie and his 4 children. When it is time to relax he likes to work in the garden, golf, hunt and ski.

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