Frequently Asked Questions

I have blood in my urine, can I come in; or should I go to the Emergency Room (ER)?

Answer: If you have blood in the urine and we are open, it would be best to come in our office so we can look at the urine and examine you if needed.

I think I have a urinary infection; can I bring in a urine sample?

Answer: You can always bring a urine sample into our office if you think you have an infection. We are available from 8:00 – 4:30 Monday through Friday.

Is leaking around my catheter normal?

Answer: When you have a foley catheter in it is normal to have some leakage around the catheter. The bladder can spasm and push the urine out around the catheter. There is medication we can give to help with bladder spasms; so this can be kept at a minimum.

What is a PSA and do I have to fast before getting one?

Answer: PSA stands for Prostate Specific Antigen. It is a blood test that your Primary Care Provider (PCP) can order or we can order for you. You do not need to fast for this.

How long does it take to get my test results back?

Answer: Depending on what kind of lab results you are waiting for; it could vary from 2-5 days. We try to call you as soon as it becomes available. We are online with most of the labs and we can check results at any time.

Can I get a refill on my medication(s)?

Answer: If you are looking for a refill on medication(s), calling your Pharmacy and requesting the refill is the most effective way. Pharmacies can contact us electronically and the refill(s) are typically completed the same day.

How long will I be off of work after my surgery?

Answer: Some outpatient surgeries require you to be off work just a couple of days, depending on how physical your job is. If you have an inpatient stay and surgery you may be off of work 3-6 weeks depending on the procedure. We will tell you at your appointment prior to surgery how long you should be off work and any restrictions you may have.

Where do I park?

Answer: General parking is located on the east side of the hospital adjacent to the main entrance at 2222 N. Nevada Ave, there is also a complimentary Valet Service available at the main hospital entrance.

What happens when I have a question/concern after hours?

Answer: If you have an emergency, please call the office at 719-387-1535 or go to the Emergency Room.

If you have a question regarding scheduling or an appointment, please call the practice during our normal business hours.

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